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Whilst relaxing in the sanctum of One Eleven, balance is key. Meditate and embrace solitude in the morning. You may wish to enjoy our One Eleven spa experience and choose from an extensive list of treatments and delicious aromatherapy bar in the privacy of your own spa gazebo.

Couple Massage - One Eleven Resorts Bali


All massage treatments include our foot bath ritual with sea salt scrub and tropical flower petals.

Starting From
IDR 440K → IDR 360K


Uplift yourself with a skin scrub of freshly grated young coconut. This scrub polishes the skin and naturally adds moisture and luster. Truly an experience you’ll remember. Treatment includes a shower and moisturizer application.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes


The entire body is painted with the light brown granular aromatic paste-the traditional Javanese Lulur. Once the paste is dry it is gently rubbed off to exfoliate and polish the skin and is used to slough away dead skin cells. Cool, fresh natural yogurt is splashed and lightly rubbed all over the body. Finally, you can relax in a warm flower bath that has been strewn with aromatic flowers.

IDR 990K → IDR 800K for 120 Minutes


A healing technique of hot stone massage is going to melt away your stiffness, stress & tired muscle. Smooth pressures combined with the warmth of the stones, provide deep relaxation & balanced body, mind and spirit. It also promotes sleep & boosts immunity.

IDR 600K → IDR 490K for 90 Minutes


You will feel a wonderful tingling sensation as the sea salt draws toxins out of your body. The result is an all-over healthy glow and noticeable energy improvement. Treatment includes a shower and moisturizer application.

IDR 440K → IDR 360K for 60 Minutes


A traditional recipe from our great ancestors that makes your skin silky smooth and youthful. Includes freshly mixed aromatherapy oils to enhance the positive effect while your energy level is boosted. Treatment includes a shower and moisturizer application.

IDR 440K → IDR 360K for 60 Minutes


This wonderful body treatment is very rich in vitamins, calcium, and protein, softening and healing your outer skin cells, while assisting your skin in maintaining a healthy pH level. Treatment includes a shower & moisturizer application.

IDR 440K → IDR 360K for 60 Minutes


Hydrating and luxurious fresh cucumber and aloe vera gel are applied to the skin, then wrapped to cool and soothe the body. It is an excellent treatment to recondition and regenerate sunburned skin. Treatment includes a shower and aloe vera moisturizing cream.

IDR 440K → IDR 360K for 60 Minutes

volcanic clay body mask

This body mask is formulated to quickly absorb toxins and impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. Mineral-rich clays seep into the skin to break down fat cells, aiding in the removal of cellulite. Treatment includes a shower and moisturizer application.

IDR 440,000++ → IDR 360,000 for 60 Minutes

Spa Oil - One Eleven Resorts Bali


All massage treatments include our foot bath ritual with sea salt scrub and tropical flower petals.

Starting From
IDR 280K → IDR 220K

Spa Hand Therapy

A facial for your hands. Experience a soothing hand bath, followed by gentle exfoliation, nail and cuticle work, hydrating hand massage and mask. Treatment includes application of nail polish from our wide selection.

IDR 440,000++IDR 250,000++ for 60 Minutes

Spa Foot Therapy

Love the decadence of a full hour of foot treatment to nourish, relax and restore. A relaxing and purifying mineral bath followed by tidying nails and cuticles, rapid exfoliation, foot mask and a relaxing massage. Treatment includes the application of your chosen nail polish from our wide selection.

IDR 440,000++ → IDR 250,000++ for 60 Minutes


A very gentle, soothing massage, blending various hand techniques to ease aching muscles and joints. By using long palm strokes, it settles the body and increases blood circulation.

IDR 440K → IDR 360K for 60 Minutes


If you are looking to promote a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquility, this treatment facilitates a boost in your energy level by improving your blood circulation. Special techniques include kneading, flushing, palm strokes and tackling pressure points which will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

IDR 580K → IDR 470K for 90 Minutes


Using traditional techniques passed down through the generations, this massage focuses on pressure points using delicate thumb techniques to relieve tension and stiffness in your back and shoulder muscles.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes


A medium to strong massage without oil. Using body weight, thumb, palm, and stretching to improve blood circulation, release muscle tension, and balance body & mind.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes


A soothing treatment cures neck and shoulder muscle stiffness. The ultimate remedy for aches and pains in the upper body, common to those working 8 hours a day behind a desk.

IDR 280K → IDR 220K for 30 Minutes


A massage to relive your tired feet and calves, after a day of walking around, our therapist will revitalize your tired feet. First we bathe your feet, covering them with a chilled fragrant towel after, followed by a massage and light stretching at the end of your treatment.

IDR 280K → IDR 220K for 30 Minutes

Massage Beds - Spa Gazebo One Eleven Resorts Bali


Every face is unique. Every individual, at any age, regardless of how well they have taken care of their skin in the past, has the potential to achieve a fresher, healthier natural glow. +spa features organic beauty treatments using effective soothing natural ingredients.

Starting From
IDR 440KIDR 360K


Using pure botanical and potent herbs, we will tailor make a nurturing ritual that will enable you to balance and harmonize your skin. This exclusive therapy features +spa’s detoxifying and firming facial massage, deep cleansing, exfoliating treatments, plus a hand massage.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes


Enjoy a revitalizing and moisturizing facial using especially formulated products containing aloe vera extract. It will rebalance the regeneration of new cells and enhance the skins elasticity. A relaxing neck, shoulder and arm massage is included to release stress.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes


Reinforce skin’s natural and regulate cellular metabolism, strengthen skin and prolong its natural properties to hydrate and revitalize for an improved softness and suppleness. This exclusive mask utilizes warm, bubbling seaweed mud which exfoliates whilst it detoxifies, re-mineralizes as well as energizes and oxygenates.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes


Relieve tension while stimulating hair vitality and shine through this relaxing combination of hot oil scalp treatment and light pressure massage. If you are in search of the ultimate relaxing experience, this massage is designed especially for you. This treatment includes a foot bath ritual.

IDR 440KIDR 360K for 60 Minutes

Spa Treatment - One Eleven Resorts Bali


For an all-over body healing solution we have a selection of Total Holistic treatments on offer:

Starting From
IDR 580KIDR 470K


Choose from three treatment combinations:
1. Body Treatment + Massage
2. Massage + Facial
3. Massage + Hair Treatment.

IDR 730K → IDR 605K for 120 Minutes 


Choose from four treatment combinations:
1. Body Treatment + Massage + Flower Bath
2. Body Treatment + Massage + Facial
3. Massage + Hair Treatment + Facial

IDR 1,070KIDR 880K for 180 Minutes


Choose one of four treatment combinations:
1. 60-minute massages + 30-minute scrub
2. 60-minute massage + 30-minute facial
3. 60-minute facial + 30-minute massage

IDR 580KIDR 470K for 90 Minutes 


Body Treatment + Massage + Facial + Hair Treatment

IDR 1,240K → IDR 1,010K for 240 Minutes

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