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  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls – IDR 75K++
  • Fisherman’s Friend Lemon – IDR 40K++
  • Healthy Balls Matcha Chia – IDR 80K++
  • Healthy Protein Bar Matcha Chia – IDR 55K++
  • Healthy Bar Coconut Berry – IDR 55K++
  • Long Chips Mashed Potato Snack Sweet Chili – IDR 45K++
  • Pretzel Stir-Fried Seafood – IDR 30K++
  • Silver Queen Chunky Dark – IDR 50K++
  • Silver Queen Chunky White – IDR 50K++
  • Whole Chips Purple/Yellow Ube – IDR 75K++
  • Organic Mix of Nuts – IDR 60K++


  • Beer Bintang – IDR 50K++
  • Beer Bintang Radler – IDR 50K++
  • Coca Cola can – IDR 15K++
  • Coca Cola can Zero – IDR 15K++
  • Jamu With You Bali Ginger – IDR 75K++
  • Jamu With You Bali Tumeric – IDR 75K++


  • Yali Wetland Reserva Carmenere (RED WINE) – IDR 790K++
  • Yali Wild Swan Merlot (RED WINE) – IDR 790K++
  • The Crossing Pinot Noir (RED WINE) – IDR 990K++
  • Sunny Cliff Estate Sparkling Brut (SPARKLING WINE) – IDR 790K++
  • Baby Doll Sav. Blanc (WHITE WINE) – IDR 790K++
  • Milton Park Chardonnay (WHITE WINE) – IDR 690K++
  • Baby Doll Rose (ROSE WINE) – IDR 790K++
  • Alexandra McPherson (Sparking Wine) –  IDR 790K++
  • Chateau de la Tuilerie (White Wine) IDR 550K++

Prices are exclusive of 21% tax and services

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